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Damon Salvatore in 5x17.


 (via daylightring)

What is that gif from you just posted of Ian kissing a blond(?) woman?

It’s from a movie he did a long while ago called Wake.

Like two flames that join and merge into one.

Damon is developing some non-harmful coping skills like

  • playing pool with a buddy
  • not murdering ppl

our baby overly-romantic psychopathic serial killer is growing you guys i love him so much <3 <3 <3

Well, that too but the show is promoted as a triangle show as a whole. It’s a show oriented at ships and then ppl are surprised that the ratings sucked when the pr is focused on a ship no one cares about and people who don’t watch are labeled as evil

OH YEAH THAT TOO lol I thought that part was obvious, but then people are saying it’s because of the hiatuses.

I’m laughing because people are completely missing the point why this happened…

Yeah, the show always has frequent breaks in the spring, that’s nothing new.






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