damon touching elena’s face while she sleeps

Hey hashtag-happy anon, get over yourself and grow up. You missed the entire point, and I’m not going to post your nonsense.

Hey, sorry for dumping in your ask again. But I'd actually appreciate it if you forget about the ask I did about bella/bamon. I was just freaking out. Sorry, again.

I don’t even remember that so consider it forgotten. :)

How mad will Damon be at Elena when he finds out about the lie?

Probably a lot, but she won’t be the only one he’s mad at abd there seems to be a lot that needs to get done, so … priorities.

Damon and Elena + damon carrying elena

So there is a group on twitter who seem to have a crystal ball ;) I think you know who I mean. I wasn't scared until some of them started worrying about Ian leaving after Dries "dead is dead" quotes etc. Now I'm panicking.

I know it’s hard to tell when they’re joking or not, so when I don’t understand what the hell they mean, or something sounds ridiculous, I go back to my knitting and yell at kids to get off my lawn.  

But c’mon, ask yourself if Ian would actually leave the show before his contract expires?  Or that the show would continue without him?

Bystander Revolution: Nina Dobrev | Don’t Perpetuate It. [Cyber-bullying]


if you use the term “manpain” you can go fuck yourself because that’s not even a thing cause contrary to whatever the fuck you believe in pain is pain no matter if you’re a guy or girl dick or no dick so stfu


I understand why Stefan involved Bonnie, but I’m at a complete loss as to why he felt the need to drag Elena into the Enzo lie.

Oh, wait. He’s a manipulate, selfish asshole. Silly me for forgetting.

The ONLY reasoning I can come up with is that Stefan knew Enzo would pass through Bonnie to the Other Side, and that Bonnie would tell Elena.  I’m not sure why Stefan didn’t just say, hey, Enzo can’t stop won’t stop until he kills Elena, so I killed him, you’re welcome.

I don’t fully understand what I just watched … ?  

So, here’s my theory based on the finale description.

  • There’s no mention of an active Stefan in the synopsis, so I think he dies in 5x21, which is why Damon is so insistent on Bonnie stopping the Other Side from disintergrating

  • Damon promises under extreme duress to exchange himself for Stefan?

  • Damon takes off his ring and burns in the rising sun by the Welcome to Mystic Falls sign

  • Bonnie, with Damon behind her in that still, tells Elena that Damon’s dead

  • Elena sees Damon’s body in that crypt

  • Damon on the Other Side is trying to touch Elena but she can’t see him

"Someone showed me a picture of myself naked the other day and that wasn’t me." (x)

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