I used to write fic a thousand years ago
(but now I just read a lot of it.)


I love Damon and Elena.
I'm not part of any stan clubs.

which I find myself constantly walking around in the daytime,

and falling in at night.

I miss you like hell.

Damon & Elena Iconic scenes :
↳1x01 “Hi bird”

It is because I love you that I can’t be selfish with you.


OUAT Men doing the Ice Bucket Challenge





















Game of Thrones Parody sung at the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards. (x)

Fret not curious anon, because you see I have other questions in my inbox inquiring about this couple too. Other pictures surfaced? Gasp, let me try an contain my shock? Why yes that is clear sarcasm because you see every Sunday it’s like clock work a boat load of pictures surface of this charming couple. Let me ask you this was it our good friends Just Jared who got the inside scoop? It seems they are literally attached to this couples ass, I’m sure if it was allowed you’d see pictures of the two of them shitting because that’s literally how attached they are to them. 

I get it Ian Somerhalder is known around the world but how many damn times do you have to take pictures of them at the market? Unless Ian is suddenly doing something scandalous then I sure as hell am not interested in a day in the life of “Somereed.” Are they planning to have their own reality show, is this why Ian wants to leave TVD, because if thats it then hell Ian this show will flop considering this couple is as predicable and boring as it gets. Do they pay these paps to follow them? Do they call them up and say “so listen we are going to go frolic at the market come meet us. Each pap shot looks like they literally are standing next to them, don’t even get me started on the fact that it looks more like a photo shoot.

I’m going to mention Nina Dobrev and before you flip a shit let me say what I have to say. Ian and Nina were literally the Hollywood couple, they captivated everyone and drew in everyone’s attention. They were together much longer then this couple and yet I haven’t seen half as many pap pics as that, and if I did they are normal pap pics not let me dance on a poll like I’m singing in the rain. Shit there were over 200 pictures alone of Nikki and Ian at the market? Really, seriously, you kidding me? 

Nina Dobrev is a gorgeous woman, Ian once said men go to war for a woman like that and I agree, and I’m sure many would say the same about Ian so add those two together and they probably the most stunning couple one can be. Why the hell weren’t there as many paps following them in their time together? Ah wait yes I remember because they both liked their privacy. 

Now suddenly it’s like Ian is pals with the paps, oh let me look straight at the camera and send a smile your way. Also do you notice that in some pics Ian is either looking away like he’s searching them out, or looking straight at the camera kinda like “shit there they are it’s showtime….good thing I’m an actor.” 

Now lets move onto twitter shall we? Sure when Ian and Nina were together they’d tweet each other occasionally but it was never like this, I feel like they have a joint page together. Ian’s all for people not bullying right? Well Paul one of his cosmic brothers got hated on time and time again as did Nina, now suddenly he decides to play hero and swoop in? He gets tons and tons of people preaching love and crap and that’s what he zero’s in on? Then has the audacity to say he just wants his privacy? Here’s a tip for you buddy don’t go to a place that’s known for being pap central. 

It’s as if he is shoving their “relationship” down people’s throats and it’s become quite laughable in my opinion. I try and keep my distance away, but its all I see people talking about. Does Nikki really go on set all the time? If so that’s unprofessional of Ian considering his co-star is his ex, you know that thing called chemistry Ian, well you might lack it with your new girl toy there. I get it she wanted a tour, that’s cute but how many damn times do you have to bring her? What’s the reasoning behind it? Is it because everyone knows her CD is going to be a flop even with all your promoting it’s not going to make the top charts, is it because ever since her semi role in Twilight she’s got nothing so you’re hoping to maybe get her a role in VD if you keep buttering her up to everyone? Just like the center of a tootsie roll the world may never know.

Can i also add in I’m getting damn near sick of “shippers” hell this isn’t Vampire Diaries these people are real yet you’re investing so much time into them, get a life, actually go outside. Oh my god, oh my god he’s holding her hand I’m going to go into cardiac arrest, it’s true love, true love really? She legit just got out of a marriage and they just started dating if your diluted minds really want to think that’s true love then you clearly have not been in a real relationship. Let me also state this barely anyone gave two shits about Nikki Reed, sure she has fans, but paps didn’t give a damn and neither did fans, but now, now that shes suddenly dating your “King” suddenly you give a shit about her, and you know why because you like kissing Ian’s ass. Sorry but that’s the plain truth, if this chick doesn’t work out for him you’ll all be pouncing onto the next one he’s seen with and you’ll do the same damn cycle. 

There you go, that’s my opinion, need I remind you I was asked, and yes before you flock and tell me how awful I am I’ll pull a Damon and be a real bastard and tell you Nina is much hotter



Nina Dobrev, Julianne Hough and Jennifer Lopez at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

Nina Dobrev greets fans on stage at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA), August 24, 2014 at The Forum in Inglewood, California. 

damon/elena + their gooey mushy sweetness


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